At Mountain High Family Dental, we offer our patients a unique approach to dental specialty care. We are the only office in the Park City/Summit County area to provide a complete array of dental services to your entire family from our general and cosmetic dentists and dental specialists in one convenient location.

Our team of caring, committed, and highly experienced dental specialists truly care about your dental health and well being. We will always discuss your treatment options and alternatives along with answer any questions you have, so that you can feel comfortable with your treatment plan.

In addition to our two family and cosmetic dentists, we also have two dental specialists, including a periodontist and an endodontist.

Why Mountain High Family Dental?

While most other dentists send their patients out for specialty care, we provide our patients with all specialty care right in our office. This means that you and your entire family can have all of your dental needs met without ever having to leave our office.

This not only makes your dental care convenient, but it allows us to provide you with the highest quality treatment. Unlike other offices where the general dentist refers you to a specialist in another location, Dr. Griffeth and Dr. Gordon are present and hands on to supervise and stay informed throughout your specialist care. They will often be in the room with you when you are receiving treatment from one or more of our specialists. They will monitor and observe you throughout your treatment and will customize your follow up care accordingly.

It also means that you will not have to travel to other unfamiliar, less convenient dental offices to receive specialty care from people you do not know. You will receive consistent, high quality treatment in a caring and comfortable environment that is familiar to you.

Dentists who refer their patients to outside specialists rarely have any idea of what happens once the patient leaves their office. Nor are they aware of the costs of treatment outside their office. By offering specialty care in our office, we can control all aspects of your specialty care. We can control the cost of your specialty care, and can make sure that the general and specialty dental care you receive meets your financial needs as well as your dental needs.

Finally we are different from other local dentists because we believe that we are the most highly skilled, gentle and caring dentists in Park City and Summit County. We invite you to schedule a complementary initial consultation and experience for yourself what distinguishes us as leaders in our dental community.

If you are looking for a the most highly skilled, gentle and caring dentists in the Park City and Summit County, we invite you to contact our office to schedule an initial consultation.