Tips for nervous kids dentist in seeing a dentist

Oral Care & Tips for Nervous Toddlers & Other Children

For many people, parents and children alike, the idea of going to the dentist can be a daunting prospect.  Even when parents have overcome their fear of the dentist, it can be a challenge to help their children do the same.  Today, many parents have found it effective to prepare their child for the dentist by talking with them before the appointment.  Also, several parents have found it very helpful to take their kids to a pediatric dentist who knows how to care for nervous children.

What You Can Do When Your Child is Nervous About Seeing a Dentist

For many parents, the most effective way to care for nervous children and prepare them for an oral care visit is to talk to them about the experience before the appointment.  The majority of pediatric dentists recommend that parents give their child a hopeful, but a realistic perspective of what goes on at the dental office without going into too many details.  When it comes to trying to care for nervous children, positive reinforcement is very beneficial.  Rather than talking about the potentially scary or painful aspects of a dentist’s visit, parents can talk about how an appointment will help their child have clean and healthy teeth.  Although taking the time to talk with a child about an oral care visit can be beneficial, parents should also be aware that feelings of nervousness or apprehension regarding dental appointments are very natural.

Remember, many times your children will sense feelings like nervousness or excitement from you. Try to stay positive and talk to them about now that they’re getting bigger, they get to go to the dentist just like mommy and daddy.

Finding the Right Pediatric Provider Can Help With Nervous Children:

Today, several parents are turning to pediatric dentists who know how to care for nervous children.  In addition to their years in school, pediatric oral care providers study for an extra 2-3 years in their specialized field.  In this training, pediatric dentistry students learn the most current techniques in cleaning and performing procedures on children’s teeth.  They are also trained in child psychology and behavior so that they can effectively care for nervous children and communicate with them.

Many pediatric dentists, like ours, know how to care for nervous children. We use simplified vocabulary and explanations to make procedures seem less daunting which can help in getting your young child to cooperate, especially toddlers. We understand that this is a new experience for them and we do our best to make it as comfortable as possible for them.

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