A pretty lady showing her beautiful teeth

Why Cosmetic Dentistry

Not too long ago, whatever smile we were born with was the one we were stuck with, for better or worse. Fortunate people have white, straight teeth. Later, braces came on the scene and could correct crooked, misaligned teeth. However, many problems still remained. Beautiful teeth would become discolored due to the use of certain antibiotics during childhood. Mishaps during sports events and play would chip and break teeth. Tooth decay and gum disease brought on  other problems, and aging had as little mercy on teeth as on the rest of the human body.

Dentists worked with what they had. Caps or crowns could be used in some cases, but those often resembled poorly crafted white Chiclets instead of actual teeth. Discolored teeth had to be accepted with self-conscious smiles or tight-lipped grins. None of these compromises is no longer necessary.

Park City Cosmetic Dentistry

Park City Cosmetic dentists can now correct all of these less-than-perfect smiles. Improved materials and new techniques have made it possible for people to reclaim a smile lost to accident or age, or gain a smile they never knew they had in them.

Often the solutions can be as simple as whitening or bleaching, and these procedures can often be brought in line with most budgets. Some procedures require a custom-made mouthpiece. The dentist sends the patient home with whitening solution and instructions. Within a few weeks, teeth will have lightened significantly. Other procedures take place in the dentist’s office.

At one time, stains caused by tetracycline, aging, or trauma to the teeth were considered beyond the reach of whitening which usually dealt with stains that came from years of drinking tea or coffee, or smoking. However cosmetic dentists have experienced success with consistent, long-term treatment.

In some cases, though, long-term exposure to tetracycline created significant discoloration to some patient’s teeth making them a shade of brown or gray. Other problems such as spacing, crooked, misshapen teeth can require more advanced treatment. Bonding uses a tooth-colored material, and can fix gaps or change the shape and color of the tooth. While successful in improving appearance, bonding tends to chip and stain teeth more easily than other procedures. Veneers, made out of thin porcelain or plastic, are cemented onto the teeth, using a light beam to make the bond more durable. Caps or crowns remain an option typically used when the underlying tooth structure has been compromised due to decay or root canals.

Contouring or reshaping can be used to change the shape of teeth, their length and alignment. Teeth need to be healthy, and the changes desired not very extreme, but small, subtle changes can be achieved with this relatively simple procedure.

As cosmetic dentists in Park City, Utah, we can provide you with aesthetically exceptional cosmetic dentistry. A consultation will allow you and your dentist to find the right solution for the desired effects that can also work within your budget.